Body Architecture

Body Architecture is a private one-on-one fitness facility based in Claverack NY, where clients have access to elite training techniques and customized fitness training. Our goal is to provide you with progressive, individualized personal training, while maintaining a fresh and innovative approach.  We welcome new clients and look forward to helping you move ahead in your own athletic development. Our convenient facility allows us to train clients year-round with state of the art equipment and resources.

Brian Lawson

“As a personal trainer, I educate my clients about exercise, diet and achieving a healthy lifestyle. My mission is to empower them to make the most of their abilities through knowledge, direction and encouragement. I encourage my clients to take an active interest in accomplishing their goals, and I welcome their input throughout the entire training process.”


(shown at left is Brian Lawson with Kettlebell training pioneer Pavel Tsatsouline, 2010)

TRX Suspension Training

Body Architecture uses TRX Suspension Training extensively throughout our customized workout routines. It engages the core in each exercise and requires postural stabilization, thereby reinforcing the body alignment essential in swimming, other sports, and everyday life!